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November 2014 PDP Certification Workshop in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona

by Melanie Benitez | on Oct 08, 2014

November is an amazing time of year in Arizona!!  Our November PDP Certification workshop will be held November 12th and 13th in Scottsdale.  If you are interested in the opportunity to be an “in-house” behavioral expert,  this is the workshop for you.  This 2 day workshop trains participants to become an internal expert within the company and learn how to integrate behavior ad utilization of the PDPWorks system.  Call now to register while there is still space for you!!  480–348-8900.

Know Your Talents™ exhibits at PLR Expo in Toronto!

by Melanie Benitez | on Oct 08, 2014

What a great show, we just returned from exhibiting at the PLR Expo in Toronto!  Lori and Sarah represented Know Your Talents™ and had a great time connecting with new faces and current clients.  It was also a fabulous opportunity to meet new business associates.  Lori’s speaking engagement, “Eliminating the Spaghetti Method in Managing”, was a highly attended session.  It was a privilege to speak and participate in the expo and we hope that all those who attended our session walked away with key action items to help them hire, on-board and develop their employees.  If you missed our session, or if you weren’t able to attend the expo, please call us now!  We want to educate you today!  480-348-8900

Left to Right: Basil Ansari of Canadian INvironmental Services, Sarah Blik, Trevor Walker of R&F Construction Inc and Lori Coruccini

Know Your Talents PDP Certification Workshop – October 2014

by Melanie Benitez | on Sep 10, 2014

Scottsdale is beautiful in October!!  Join us for the October Know Your Talents PDP Certification Workshop.

This is an engaging 2 day workshop that will provide the attendees with knowledge to become the “in house” behavioral expert within the company as well as understanding how to utilize the PDP system.

Workshop will be held October 17th and 18th.  Contact us for details and registration!!  480-348-8900


You Might Be Losing a Quarter of a Million Dollars a Year!

by Melanie Benitez | on Sep 10, 2014

Despite the varying formulas on calculating the exact cost of turning over an employee, everyone agrees on two truths:

1: Turnover is expensive.

2: Turnover, at some level, affects every company.

Conservative calculations show that turnover can cost a company approximately 50% of the employee’s annual wages and benefits. If each month, you turn over just one mid-level account or project manager making $40,000 a year, conservatively, you will lose over a quarter of million dollars a year!

Some calculations show that turnover can cost as much as 200% or more of a manager or executive’s annual wages and benefits. One wrong hire for a Sales Manager making $90,000 a year could cost you over $200,000!

Working with companies in industries ranging from healthcare to construction to call centers, we know that calculating the true cost of turnover isn’t as simple as 50% (or 200%) of an employee’s wages and benefits. We work with managers who are deflated because they are continually battling turnover, under performing because they lack a cohesive team. We talk with CEO’s who want to push their company to the next level and increase revenue, but because of hiring the wrong fit for key positions, their companies are stagnant and barely treading water. The cost of turnover greatly affects a company’s bottom line and ability to grow and produce, often seen most devastatingly in the under performance or missed opportunities from a whole team or division when even just one employee turns out to be the wrong fit. And, losing a top performer costs far more than their wages and benefits. Lost growth and productivity, leadership and morale lead to losses in profit and productivity across their whole team.

It is widely accepted that turnover is caused by a variety of issues, poor work environment, low compensation, no career advancement, fearful company culture and on and on. In reality, we find that 90% of employees leave due to their manager and conversely, 90% of employees stay due to their manager. Employees that feel appreciated and respected will stay, bottom line.

Turnover negatively affects a company’s profits, their morale and productivity. People are a company’s most important and, often, expensive asset! Working with the Know Your Talents™ model gives you the tools you need to overcome turnover, hire top performers for every role in your company, then retain them. Our proven system helps to identify the right set of behavior and talents needed in each role, and then, how to find them in candidates.   We provide coaching and resources for your managers to train and retain these top performers once on board. Our Know Your Talents™ model touches every part of your “people strategy” – hiring, training, driving top performance, promoting and everything in between.

We have solutions in place that cost a fraction of what turning over just ONE employee will cost you. You can’t afford to NOT have a system in place to combat turnover and improve employee productivity and retention in your business.   

Call us today at 480-348-8900




September PDP Certification Workshop Sold Out

by Melanie Benitez | on Aug 01, 2014

Plan on joining us on October!!  Call now to reserve your spot!  480-348-8900.


PDP Certification – August 12th & 13th, 2014

by Melanie Benitez | on Aug 01, 2014

Join us in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona for the  upcoming Know Your Talents, PDP Certification Workshop.

This 2 day workshop will train the participants to become an internal behavioral expert within the company and how to use our PDPWorks System!!

Call today to reserve your seat!!  480-348-8900

Know Your Talents – Team Essentials Workshop

by Melanie Benitez | on May 19, 2014

Know Your Talents newest workshop Team Essentials, is an engaging and interactive workshop, designed to provide teams with the 5 Essentials necessary for a productive and high performing team!!  Teamwork takes courage, discipline, persistence and emotional energy……it can’t be bought!!  The  core component to the workshop is the 5 Essentials of a Team Pyramid where the teams complete an exercise and have discussion around the 5 Essentials:   Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and WE.  Additionally, the workshop provides an overview on leveraging behavior, the importance of behavior, learning to predict behavior, understanding the Basic Natural Self and understanding the PDP ProScan report.

This is a very informative and interactive workshop.  Call today for more details on how we can support you and your organization!!


PDP Certification Workshops – June 2014

by Melanie Benitez | on May 19, 2014

Join us in June for PDP Certification!!  We are offering TWO separate  Know Your Talents PDP Administrator Certification Workshops in June.    These engaging two day workshops will train participants to become an internal expert within the company and teach them how to use our PDPWorks system.  These workshops are scheduled for June 9th and 10th and again on June 18th and 19th and will be held at our LearnKey Veterans Services office located at 1955 S. Val Vista Rd., Suite 118,  Mesa Arizona, 85204.  Come and enjoy the warm and beautiful Arizona weather!!   We look forwarding to seeing you!!

eLearning Company Offers Free Course to Get Middle Schoolers on Track

by Melanie Benitez | on Mar 20, 2014

LearnKey Inc. is offering free online training to middle school students in an effort to reduce the nation’s high school dropout rate. Know Your Talents helps students understand and leverage their unique personality, behaviors and skills.

ST. GEORGE, UT, February 07, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ — Despite recent increases in the U.S. high school graduation rate, 11 percent of American high school students — more than 500,000 children — drop out each year. However, recent research has shown that the dropout rate can be dramatically reduced by intervening in children’s lives during middle school. Today, one of the nation’s premier eLearning companies is doing something about the problem, by offering a free online training course ($50 value) to Middle School students, teachers and counselors.

Know Your Talents, a self-paced video training course, can help young students to discover their unique talents and behaviors, and get them on the right track by returning passion and fun back into the learning experience.

“In our efforts to help students, we want to offer this easy-to-understand ‘self discovery’ program to help young people identify and appreciate their talents as early as possible,” says Lori Coruccini, a 25-year staffing industry veteran and author of Know Your Talents. “The more engaged a student is early on in middle school, the more likely that student will graduate from high school. LearnKey is offering this course at no charge to middle schoolers to underscore our commitment to improving education in America.”

See complete news release at

Things are warming up in Arizona!! Join us for our May 2014 Know Your Talents PDP Administrator Certification Workshop!

by Melanie Benitez | on Mar 20, 2014


Join us for our next Know Your Talents PDP Administrator Certification Workshop!!  This engaging two day workshop will train participants to become an internal expert within the company and teach them how to use our PDPWorks system.  This workshop is scheduled for May 14th & 15th and will be held at the Hampton Inn & Suites located at 10101 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale Arizona.