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1st Quarter 2016 PDP Certified Administrator Workshops

Would like to become the internal behavioral expert for your company, or know someone that would??  Awesome!! We host a PDP Certified Administrator Workshop monthly in Scottsdale Arizona! In just...

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Congratulations to Sarah Blik!

This past weekend, one of our outstanding and wonderful team members, Sarah Blik and her 16 year old daughter completed the 3 Day Cancer Walk in San Diego.  Below is a picture of Sarah and Katie on t...

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While approaching the holidays, most of us think a bit deeper about our gratitude for everything in our lives, our families, friends, health, and for all of the wonderful opportunities put in front of...

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Leveraging Behavior to Outperform

We Are Know Your Talents

We Are Know Your Talents

We are all about helping companies grow their bottom line through employee engagement, leadership and people development.  Optimizing individual and team talents has been proven to drive more revenue and profits, while giving companies an edge in recruiting, hiring and retaining the best employees. Our Know Your Talents™ system including simple assessments and leading job matching/modeling techniques provides an end to end solution for any size company/organization.

Products and services

Products & Services

Know Your Talents offers a variety of solutions to tap into your employees talents. Our products can maximize potential and help your business outperform.

Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral Assessments

Leveraging behavior to outperform is something we take very seriously. We have spent almost half a lifetime researching and analyzing. Learn of the different assessments we offer that will help you understand your employees behavior.

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Meet Our Team

Meet our team of talented individuals who are ready to help you in what ever your needs may be.

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