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April 2015 PDP Certified Administrator Workshop - Scottsdale Arizona

Are you interested in integrating behavior into your company culture?  Using behavior to hire the right talent?  Excited about learning about your staff and what makes them tick? PDP Certificat...

March 2015 PDP Certified Administrator Workshop - Scottsdale Arizona

PDP Certification will be held in March 2015 in Scottsdale Arizona on Monday, March 30th and Tuesday, March 31st.  Please join us!! In just two days, understand and learn action items for working...

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Heroes for Hire Event

Earlier this month, we had the honor of attending the Arizona Business Leadership’s “Heroes for Hire” event where our partner company, LearnKey, was recognized by ESGR for their outstanding effo...

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You Might Be Losing a Quarter of a Million Dollars a Year!

Despite the varying formulas on calculating the exact cost of turning over an employee, everyone agrees on two truths: 1: Turnover is expensive. 2: Turnover, at some level, affects eve...

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Leveraging Behavior to Outperform

We Are Predix

We Are Know Your Talents

We are all about enabling individuals to learn about their talents and teaching organizations how to leverage them. Optimizing individual and team talents has been proven to drive more revenue and profits, while giving companies an edge in recruiting, hiring and retaining the best employees. Our Know Your Talents™ system including simple behavioral assessments, free online career assessment* and leading job matching/modeling techniques provides an end to end solution for any size company/organization.   *ProScan offer via online career assessment offered to new customers only.

Products and services

Products & Services

Know Your Talents offers a variety of solutions to tap into your employees talents. Our products can maximize potential and help your business outperform.

Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral Assessments

Leveraging behavior to outperform is something we take very seriously. We have spent almost half a lifetime researching and analyzing. Learn of the different assessments we offer that will help you understand your employees behavior.

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Meet Our Team

Meet our team of talented individuals who are ready to help you in what ever your needs may be.

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