Why Choose KYT?

Enhancing culture and optimizing performance are two major factors in the success of your business. We know you don’t take these things lightly, and neither do we. In fact, we see your success as our success. It’s why we have an industry-leading retention rate. It’s why our clients become raving fans. And it’s why our unique approach leads to game-changing results.


Leading by example is something built into how we do business at KYT. That’s why we live by our established core values, ensuring our own employees (and our clients!) have a vision for where we’re going and how to hold us accountable:



We make it easy to reach company-wide goals by integrating our approach at every level



We bring value to everyone, both internally and externally



We do what we say we’re going to do — we deliver on our promises



We never stop teaching our clients and never stop learning ourselves



We believe in what we do — and turn our clients into believers, too



“Our partnership with KYT has made it possible for us to not only define what personality profile will be most successful in our sales and leadership roles, it has helped us identify employees who might be at risk or less engaged, and enabled our leaders to coach and mentor at an individual level for performance improvement. Year over year we have seen the impact these tools have made on our operations."

Debbie Staats

Human Resource Director, HPOne

“The team at KYT has been invaluable to the growth of our leaders and team members at Pioneer and Yavapai Title. Whether it be through content, webinars, virtual and/or in-person coaching and mentoring, our team members have received the highest quality of support, with a real human connection. We cannot thank the KYT team enough for their consistent aid, encouragement and friendship, in strengthening the foundations of our cultures for both companies."

Carolyn Savage

Team Relations Coordinator, Pioneer Title Agency

"Thank you for everything you do and will do in the future. Y'all have improved the employee's quality of life nationally while making the Moore's better leaders. Thanks for all of your support, personally and professionally!"

Jeff Moore

President, ATI

“Know” is in our name, so yeah, we’d like to get to know you!

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