Professional Development Series

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It is a journey, first of self-discovery, then building on skills and competencies that engage and inspire people to reach their potential, and finally, applying skills that produce sustainable, high-performing teams and inclusive cultures. This professional development series is geared towards every level of employee and team member in any organization.

A perfect series for seasoned, new, or future leaders and those individual contributors who will also lead organizations at every level.

Leading Myself Series

My Success Drivers

Understanding personal engagement at work requires exploring your emotional connection with your work, as well as your strengths, stressors, motivators, and values.

Building Self-Trust and Credibility

Building confidence in your identity as a leader and your beliefs drives how you behave and act.

Action Toward Accountability

Owning your behavior to commit to action vs. blaming or feeling victimized, developing an empowerment mindset.


Developing emotional intelligence at work; recognizing the critical skill areas and attitudes that strengthen resiliency.

Effective Communication and Productive Conversations

Trusting relationships are built on honest, vulnerable, clear communication and productive conversations; applying active listening, inquiry, and advocacy; managing healthy tension.

Leading Others Series

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Maintaining Employee Engagement

Adapting your leadership style to the needs of employees; understanding when to be directive and when to be supportive.

Coming QTR 4 2023

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Building Trusting Relationships

Understanding others’ drivers: strengths, stressors, motivators, and values, to rely on their integrity, ability, and character effectively.

Coming QTR 4 2023

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Delegating Work Effectively

Entrusting responsibility and authority to others to complete a task and achieve expected outcomes; using your team's talents, skills, and resources optimally.

Coming QTR 4 2023

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Navigating Conflict

Building healthy conflict skills by learning to manage, recognize, and address conflict.

Coming QTR 1 2024

Delivering Constructive Feedback

Deliver constructive feedback by following this approach: set the stage, check yourself, and follow the process.

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How to Work and Manage a Virtual Workforce

Collaborating in a remote team.

Coming QTR 1 2024

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Creating an Inclusive Culture

Recognizing unconscious biases; understanding gender differences; working cross-generationally.

Coming QTR 1 2024

Additional Courses

Discovering Your Strengths

Through the power of behavior, you will be able to identify your unique strengths and how they can directly relate to your success.

Cybersecurity - Protecting Yourself and Your Organization

Helping individuals and organizations better protect their data, devices, and physical locations from cybersecurity-related attacks.