Moving From “Survey” to “Solution”

The PDP system of people management is unparalleled. But what does that mean, exactly? Not only is it based on sound research principles, it’s also designed with an eye toward continuing education, a true “teach to fish” approach that creates in-house experts in your organization. By studying the members of your team, you’re able to link behaviors to organizational performance.


With quick, accurate, and reliable data at your fingertips, PDP assessments, surveys, and certifications gives you the foundation you need to truly know your team, improving selection, motivation, and retention – all through the lens of tried-and-true data analytics.


ProScan Assessment

KYT has spent more than 20 years leveraging the power of the PDP ProScan assessment. This valuable tool measures how individuals act, react, communicate, lead, and manage stress, providing quick, accurate, and reliable profiles in under 10 minutes. Additional insights include:

Behavioral traits

Decision-making style

Trait adjustments due to external and internal pressure

Satisfaction index

Energy drain and available energy levels


Overriding needs


Jobscan Survey

This unique survey measures the dynamics of a job — key behavioral traits, energy styles, and levels a position requires to achieve success. Insights include:

Behavioral traits

Decision-making style

Energy styles (how tasks and projects are completed)

Energy levels required for a specific position


TeamScan Assessment

Take the results of your ProScan assessments to the next level with TeamScan, a dynamic way to help you better understand team culture and performance. Benefits include:

Improved relationships

Conflict resolution tools

Effective communication training

Individual and team strength development

PDP certification

PDP Certifications

Interested in getting certified yourself? We offer two PDP certification options to meet your needs: PDP Certification and PDP Mentor Certification.


Part of the EDS Ecosystem

PDP curriculum is a critical component of our Behavioral Foundation service, which, in turn, is one piece of the Enterprise Development Solution puzzle.


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