Identifying Motivators to Improve Retention


Tapping into individual employee’s motivators based on their own unique behavior profile has long been a strategy for Know Your Talents. We use that knowledge when we hire and promote and it’s something we teach our clients to do as well.

Paying attention to what motivates each person helps place in them in the right position from the get-go. It also helps to create a trajectory for their growth and advancement in the organization.

According to a recent HBR article published Jan. 4, 2023, that’s not the only benefit to understanding motivation. It comes in handy when rewarding high performers, especially if they want a promotion that isn’t available to them.

The survey referenced in this article claimed that “the number one reason for voluntary employee departure is a lack of career mobility!” The article then went on to explain why a promotion may not be available and how to retain that great talent even when it isn’t.

“a recent survey found the number one reason for voluntary employee departures is a lack of career mobility.”

The solution seems to be first to truly understand what a promotion means to that rockstar employee and to then attempt to provide that even if it doesn’t come in the form of an official promotion.

For example, sometimes it’s about monetary reward. Can your company’s budget afford to increase their pay without changing their title?

Perhaps they have the desire for a higher level position but don’t quite have all the necessary skills. What can you do to help them upskill?

Maybe it’s really about a desire to lead people. Are there informal ways for them to assume leadership roles?

What if they need public recognition? How can you provide that without moving them up the ladder at this precise moment?

These concepts and more are discussed in the article and all of them point to something Know Your Talents has been helping companies do from the beginning—assessing and understanding individual behavior along with motivators so organizations can provide the support and rewards that great talent requires to stick around and excel.

With our Enterprise Development Solution (EDS) we are also able to help companies offer Leadership Development, and ongoing professional development such as Sales Training for Champions.

In collaboration with our parent company, LearnKey, Inc., world class creator and provider of online courseware leading to short-term certifications, Know Your Talents has added upskilling and an LMS to the deliverables we bring to organizations.

If you have a rising star on your team who is eager to climb the ladder, one sure way to engage and retain them is to show them a road map to the company’s future and how they can contribute to it. That’s what our One Page Strategic Plan does—provides line-of-sight and alignment for the entire organization as well as individual’s KPIs and career pathways.

Imagine the power of a fully integrated solution that starts with implementing a behavioral awareness system into every phase of the employee lifecycle from attraction and recruitment through promotion and succession planning. Then goes on to offer upskilling, leadership and professional development, strategic planning, coaching and more.  At Know Your Talents that’s precisely what our Enterprise Development Solution (EDS) does. It gives you the resources to attract, retain and promote the best talent for the right role.

Retaining top talent is paramount to survival in the current labor market. Know Your Talents would love the opportunity to support your organization in doing so.

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