3 Tips to Set Up Employees for Success While Working from Home.


Easy tips to improve productivity

Each employee will show up to working remotely in different ways based on their behaviors and environments. Their speed, engagement, and on-the-job fulfillment will all be different. 

How do you support such diverse behaviors and needs?

Here are three easy tips to help increase their success.

Create a Hub.
We are creatures of habit; we feel safe with structures and patterns that are familiar to us. The biggest struggle with working from home is the distractions. By creating a work-zone, it does not only help us prepare our brains for the task ahead but reminds us to stay focused. Since it is a work-from-home space, there is a hidden gift, getting to add the personal touch to the workspace. This provides a warm and inviting place to be creative and dialed in, forming the environment for well-being. 

To get started, make sure there is a clear working area free of clutter and distractions. Put some things around that remind you of why you are working so hard and keep you inspired.

Tortoise or the Hare?

Keeping employees motivated and feeling connected while working at home has been a challenge. Understanding environment and behavior styles are essential to lowering the turnover, increasing productivity, and helps everyone understand each other’s needs. 

When working remotely, we can have crazy misunderstandings that take time to clear up and slow down productivity. For example, a take-charge person may desire to get it done and not want to get involved in the details; the counterpart may need time to process or get other distractions out of the way. 

Many of us don’t think about the way we approach a task. If we think of getting things done like a race, we can start to see the speed we use to complete that task. Ask yourself, “What kind of race am I running?” you might begin to hear where you’re focused. Some like to work steadily to get things done like a long-distance runner, and others may work in spurts like a short distance runner. 

Neither type of runner is wrong, but they both have different ways to complete the task. Understanding the behavior helps us understand how to set the expectation and ensure everyone is on the same team.

Plan for success. 

We have all heard, “If you do not plan to succeed, you plan to fail.” Even though we know this, it takes mindfulness to make sure we put these systems into practice to assure success. There are many systems to provide support but having a coach or a team member is the best way to set actions into results. One of my teammates in my office and I hold each other accountable with a simple, fun practice. We start each day off with a list of 3 things we need to accomplish for the day and two bonus things if we are on our game. The process of being held accountable works great in 3 ways, being recognized in the job you are doing to help you celebrate those successes

and, of course, that tone of expectation. Like a gym buddy, when we go to the gym and know someone is waiting there to meet you, you don’t want to let them down. This pressure has the same impact; we do it because if we don’t, we will feel the embarrassment or fear of failure. The last one is as simple as a reminder to stay focused on the task at hand and not get distracted by all the other pop-up issues throughout the workday.

What would it be like to have a tool that can help you get better productivity from your employees? 

Know Your Talents impactful tools can help you learn about your employees’ work styles, production styles, time management, and completions styles. Where could your company go with the insight on how to understand the behaviors of your employees? 

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