Crawford Contractor Connection Conference & Expo – June 2015

Are you attending the 2015 Contractor Connector Conference & Expo in Orlando Florida this year? So are we!! You will find us in booth 1020!!

Joining us in our booth this year will be Marty Jocz, President of Coach, Team and Train, Inc. Marty is well known in the restoration industry and a welcome partner to Know Your Talents! Stop in and say hi to Marty!

Our newest additions to Know Your Talents, Laurie Denton Howell and Patrick Howell, Executive Consultants will be in the booth as well. They are both very excited to be attending the Contractor Connections Conference & Expo on behalf of Know Your Talents. Take advantage of a “no cost” ProScan and talk with Laurie and Patrick about how Know Your Talents can help you improve your employee engagement and more importantly, your profits!!

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