Finding a Balance Between Caring and Challenging Employees in the Workplace


Health concerns, job security, heavy workloads, and rapidly shifting priorities…

Mental health is shifting the way we support employees in the workplace.

Pre-Pandemic we did not discuss employee mental health as much because the environment wasn’t as isolated. Health concerns, job security, heavy workloads, and rapidly shifting priorities not to mention the work/life blur have impacted us all. 

These conditions breed depression, loneliness, and anxiety which causes the production to slow down or redirect the focus away from goals and projections to survival and sustainability.

These changes in our environment have forced leaders to make more of an effort on mental health and company culture.

For some of us, the idea of having a conversation around stressful topics can make us uneasy, so we might avoid having these direct interactions to keep the tension at bay. 

When avoiding these issues, we can create a culture of resentment, forcing misinterpretations and broken communication.

If we have the proactive approach and address employee mental health to build support as well as better communication within the company to make these conversations smooth and natural, we build trust and loyalty to the community.

With ProScan, your company can quickly and safely start these conversations with positivity and support.

ProScan is a non-threatening, quick (5 minutes!), easy, and reliable survey tool that is one of the most advanced survey tools available today, that accurately assesses a person’s basic and preferred work style with a 96% accuracy.

ProScan focuses on strengths and motivators to help employers create an environment that reduces employee stress while improving energy and morale.

Reach out today to take advantage of a different way to support mental health and your company culture!

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