Full Suite HR Services Now Available!


Streamline your business and gain peace of mind by entrusting your HR needs to Know Your Talents.

At Know Your Talents we’re committed to helping your company thrive. One crucial element often missing in small companies is a competent Human Resources department. Without one, you risk being non-compliant with employment law and spend too much of your time with employee-related issues. This is why we are thrilled to announce HR Xtra, our new Human Resources service. We provide a full suite of services to provide guidance and direction on all the elements of HR so you can focus on the other departments of your business.

Not only do we assist with hiring and team management, we also help you navigate the complex world of HR investigations, training, policies, worker’s compensation, and OSHA compliance. Instead of hiring a full department to manage this aspect of your business, let us do it for you.

Here are a few of our HR Services:

  • Employee Relations
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching/Counseling
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Employee Handbook
  • Policies
  • HR Audits
  • Job Description Development
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment Development
  • Risk and Safety Management/Workers Compensation/OSHA
  • In Person Training Sessions

We are a highly qualified team with years of experience in the Human Resources field. Our ability to combine this knowledge with our experience in behavioral analysis and leadership coaching gives us an advantage in the industry. This means better and faster results for you in all facets of HR that positively impact the rest of your business. Let us take care of everything HR related so you can focus on the rest of your company.

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