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 LearnKey St. George, UT LearnKey, Inc. a thirty-three (33) year old globally recognized workforce solutions provider to corporate, government, and education organizations today announced they acquired Know Your Talents (KYT) a recognized provider of talent development solutions that enable companies to positively leverage behavior in the workforce.

KYT will lead LearnKey’s Corporate division enabling the company to offer a complete “enterprise development solution” that ties talent development to education and training. Companies of all sizes want more robust learning and development solutions to acquire “right fit talent”, drive more employee engagement, and provide upskilling to develop the best possible culture.

“Learning styles over the years have evolved from classroom only, to blended, to 100% online. By giving people the ability to learn and leverage their behavior to acquire new skills, and seek better jobs fits perfectly into the overall learning experience”, says John Clemons LearnKey’s founder and chairmen. The KYT division gives us a great presence to incorporate both learning about ones talents and providing in-demand learning solutions so companies can upskill and further enhance employee’s careers as well.”

“LearnKey is proud to power-up online workforce learning solutions to thousands of K-12 middle & high schools and higher education institutions throughout north America. This acquisition places the company in a unique position to align corporate talent demand to education pathways that start in K-12 and better prepare & skill the future workforce” says Lori Coruccini, KYT founder. We see the importance of providing the same skills learned in school now, to companies who want to develop and retain their employees to keep up with the important skills that are needed for today’s jobs. 

About LearnKey

LearnKey, is a workforce solutions provider providing custom developed multimedia workforce learning solutions in the areas of Information Technology, AI, Cloud services, Programming, Web & Graphic design, Allied Health, Legal, Cyber-Security, Accounting, Microsoft software applications, Leadership & Staff development, Soft Skills, and Employability services.   

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