How to Leverage Your Job Posts to Attract the High Quality Applicant


Powerful help to support your HR Department.

Today’s high unemployment rate is a hot topic of conversation and may be a huge advantage for companies posting ads for a position.

How are your ads marketing your position to pull in applicants?

As we scroll through ads looking for a position they seem more like job descriptions and feel robotic, not personable or relatable.  Some ads can pull in people who are not a good match and that will overwhelm and take time away from HR, adding stress to an already frustrating process. 

Ads of all kinds should convey a feel for the experience and set the tone of expectation. 

Great ads pull in candidates to say… “That is me!” 

Just like when we market for new clients, we want to express a sense of connection that makes people feel excited and drawn in to learn more. 

The power of JobScan can help you prepare effective advertising for attracting the best applicants and provides applicant matched questions for the interviewing process.

What would you do with a system that could pull in highly qualified candidates and help you cut through the noise of all those applicants to find the ones that best fit the position?

JobScan was designed just for these kinds of frustrations, and during these times can help attract qualified candidates, and reduce the stress that impacts your HR Department.

JobScan helps companies define and measure behavioral dynamics that meet the need of the position.  With the Applicant Match, the applicant’s strengths and work styles are compared to the job requirements.

This process helps organizations find the better align people to positions, decreases turnover, increases retention, and positively impacts the bottom line.

The real question is, how can any company hire without it and use it as a part of your hiring process?

What would it feel like to have your employee business needs supported by a tool like JobScan?

How much time and money could you save?

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