Motivating a Multi-Generational Workforce

Motivating employees is key to retention, engagement, productivity, and increased revenue.
However, in today’s workplace, motivating our complex workforce is not as simple as it once was. It is not just about deciding whether to offer a carrot or wield a stick. There are many factors to consider, such as how to motivate different generations.

According to Austyn Rask’s “cheat sheet” there are a few key points to keep in mind about each generation that will help companies attract, retain, and motivate the best talent:

• Baby Boomers value public recognition, so make sure to acknowledge their work in team meetings and honor their contributions.
• For Gen X, flexibility is key. They appreciate having time for personal relationships, so streamline their work and cut back on unnecessary meetings.
• Millennials value their colleagues and making a difference, so help them connect their tasks to the end results and encourage a sense of teamwork.
• Gen Edge cares about meaningful work and giving back to the community, but steady compensation is a top priority for them.

By understanding what motivates each generation, you can create a more effective and productive workplace.

In addition to generational motivators, behavior-specific motivators come into play, such as respect for High Conformity and recognition for High Extroversion; results for High Dominance and reasonable deadlines for High Patience. Pinpointing these behavioral motivators is part of Know Your Talents’ “Know Me” Pillar and is foundational to the work we do helping companies attract and retain the best talent around.

By combining behavioral motivators with generational motivators, employers are better equipped to tap into and provide what truly drives each member of their team. This process, in turn, enhances your company culture, attracts and retains good talent, and optimizes both individual and company performance.

As we like to say at KYT, “Know Your Talents; Grow Your Business!”

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