The Value of a PDP certification from Know Your Talents


Maximize your team’s potential: learn to utilize behavior and strengths with a PDP Certification from Know Your Talents.

A PDP certification improves the overall functionality of you and your team by providing insight into behaviors we encounter everyday. When it comes to human interaction understanding behavior is crucial to success. The PDP certification course arms you with the information you need to recognize how behaviors can hold us back, and how we can use them to propel us forward.

The certification also grants you full access to the PDP system, which provides guidance throughout your business, from best hiring practices to effective management strategies.

We help you place your people in positions where they’ll outperform and thrive. Our Job Models match behavioral traits with positions to ensure you hire the right person for the right job. When you know the personality behind the position you are looking to fill you can streamline your interview process and have a clear idea of who you are looking for.

Behavioral learning doesn’t stop there. PDP offers additional courses and assessments to keep your company running successfully. Some of these include Strengths and Management courses that facilitates additional ways to improve your team. In addition we’ve hand crafted workshops to meet the needs of our clients. Some of these include our Leadership Impact, Team Impact, and Team Essentials workshops.

A few of the many outcomes you can expect to see from these courses and workshops are:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses for personality types and learn to leverage them for success.
  • Utilize behavior and personality traits to optimize your team in ways you never thought possible.
  • Learn the potential blind spots of your team members to avoid conflicts before they happen.
  • Discover how your management style can differ from others in your organization.
  • Realize the impact your leadership style can have on your team members.
  • Learn about potential drawbacks in your management style and how to prevent them.
  • Identify weak points in your company’s workflow caused by behavior and learn to manage around them.
  • Create leadership awareness and enhance your ability to lead.
  • Increase trust, communication, accountability, and delegation within your organization.

When you enroll in the PDP certification course the Strengths and Management courses are included. You can also buy them separately if you feel the need to share with multiple members of your team. These courses are available for a full year, allowing you to refresh yourself with the information as needed.

Know Your Talentsoffers certification seminars every month and we’re the only company to offer certifications online. After you’ve completed the certification course, we work with you to create a custom implementation plan for your company. During the first month we provide complete support, including a weekly meeting with a member of our team to ensure you have everything you need. Continued support meetings take place once a month for the next two months, followed by ongoing support that never stops!

There is always more to learn about behavior, which is why we have our Tutor Tuesday program; a weekly webinar where we discuss behavior and best practices. This helps keep behavior at the forefront of your focus and encourages ongoing growth and improvement. At Know Your Talents we believe education should be continuous and easily accessible. That’s why we offer regular seminars, online certifications, and additional courses and materials that you can’t find anywhere else.

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