You Had Us At Hello


Don’t you love it when everything flows with synergy?

What a fantastic feeling to feel the engagement and trust we feel with our clients. We work closely with companies supporting them in new ways to maximize their potential at all levels. When we zero in on the potential gaps and opportunities for improvements, we have such a great synergy that takes a successful company to a higher level of success. 

In a quarterly review with one of our fantastic clients, we discussed ongoing projects within KYT’s customized Enterprise Development Solution (EDS) that has been in place for the past couple of years. Our solution impacts the entire life cycle of an employee, from hiring to succession planning. We developed a custom leadership development series, and with the anticipated growth we collectively recognized the need for a couple of tiers for the various levels of management. While renegotiating the contract, the CEO stated, “You had us at hello!” 

Reflecting on what that statement meant to us is that the true ROI they are experiencing is in the success from the actions and synchronicity of leadership ensuring the following: 

·       That each manager understands where the company is going, and all initiatives are aligned to the bigger picture. 

·       That each manager understands how to hire right, coach right and align their teams. 

·       That each manager understands that what they do matters, and they too impact the culture – daily. 

·       That each manager understands that each employee has a significant role in helping the company reach its goals – every one of the employees with no exceptions.   

These suggestions seem quite simple and yet can be so difficult to achieve without the attention to true alignment within a company AND true management. Once this recognition happens and companies act, they become unstoppable…just like our client mentioned above. 

Supporting such amazing organizations and aiding them in growing a culture of learning, integrating behavior, providing leadership development and alignment is such fulfilling work.  Still, the icing on the cake is when we hear the company expressing their needs to expand with us further year over year.   

Call to talk with one of our team members today! 

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