Back to School/Back to Work


This year kids are the only one transitioning!

For the first time in years, parents may be experiencing something their school-aged children deal with every fall, The Back-to-School Transition!

Returning to “the Office” after working remotely for nearly two years, many adult workers are finding themselves reluctant to get back to work.

Just as with students, adults are having mixed reactions.

Some companies are allowing employees to continue working remotely. Others are open to a hybrid arrangement, and still, others require a full-time return to the mother ship.

At Know Your Talents, we’ve seen all sorts of responses to this mandate—most notably a large-scale exit from the workforce!

Known as the Great Resignation, we are seeing more people resign from their jobs than ever before.

In response to being told they may no longer work remotely, however, it is still a factor in the mass exodus.

So, what else determines individuals’ reactions and subsequent choices about their jobs?

Many things like age, income level, financial status, family situation, health reasons, and more.

Regardless of your age or stage of life, one universal factor that we cannot overlook is behavior—individual behavioral traits are good predictors of whether or not a person is eager to get back to work or school.

Understanding your behavior and your work families’ will help you manage and motivate your employees to work where and how you need them to.  Bonus: It will even help you understand and support your children as they head back to the classroom!

Know Your Talents specializes in helping business leaders build self-awareness and other realizations to lead and develop the workforce their companies need to succeed and scale-up.

Tricky transitions are made easier when we understand behavior, let us help you…

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