Behavior and Family


Understanding behavior benefits us in all aspects of our life. Not only can we accomplish incredible feats in our career, but in our personal and family lives as well.

Behavioral difficulties aren’t isolated to the workplace. Think about the last time you were gathered with family, chances are there were at least a few people that you don’t quite connect with. The simple cause may be the differences in behavior. If you don’t understand the underlying cause of other’s actions, you mind find yourself feeling frustrated.

For example, a member of your family who values respect and order might clash with someone more free spirited. In this scenario simple comments meant to portray excitement can seem disrespectful to the person who prioritizes order. The free spirit may wonder why the other person can’t relax or understand what they mean. If not addressed, this clash of behavioral could cause drift in their relationship. When you understand communication styles of behavioral traits it’s easier to understand what they mean.

Sometimes we forget others aren’t motivated by the same things we are. If one person is striving for a harmonious family relationship while others are working toward a more structured setting, there’s likely to be resistance or anger. Each party feels the other is actively working against them instead of working together to create a family relationship benefiting everyone.

Those with a firm need for boundaries may have difficulty asking for things, or moving forward on a task if they feel they might intrude. This can be upsetting for someone with a need to be liked, as they might think the other person doesn’t care enough to initiate a conversation. Looking deeper into the cause of their actions provides some comprehension into WHY they do what they do.

Behavioral awareness benefits our lives in multiple ways. This knowledge benefits every aspects of our lives, improving our relationships and interactions. Keep in mind it’s not about changing people, it’s about understanding their motivations and how to relate to them.

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