PDP Updates and Reporting Features


PDP recently released updates to add value and comprehension to reports and models.

At Know Your Talents we strive to spread behavioral understanding and how to utilize this knowledge for success. In a recent update, PDP Global made it even easier to access and customize this information to your industry and business.

One newly introduced feature is the Remote Link, which allows you to send Proscanlinks to multiple people at a time. Proscan is a cornerstone report that provides detailed insights on behavior, motivators, and adaptations. Previously, links had to be sent for each individual. By sending them in mass, you can efficiently test an entire team or organization.

There are multiple reports that can benefit your organization outside of Proscan. PDP offers reports for individuals, job modeling and team modeling. For example, Job Models can help you hire the right employee the first time by identifying which behavioral traits best suit the role. You begin by mapping out traits that will excel in the open position, identifying traits from previous performers who excelled. Within minutes, you have a job model for that function.

Next, simply find the applicant with matching traits. Once you know what to look for, it’s easier to find the right candidate. Here’s an example report showing how managers can understand if an applicant is a good fit. The circles represent the applicant and the blue shaded area represents the desired behavior for that particular job. This clearly shows our candidate would be a bad fit. Even though an applicant may seem perfect and interview well, they might not perform as expected. The Job Model report takes the guesswork out of hiring, pinpointing behavioral traits to determine the best person for the job.

Previously, these questions were set, providing a framework to guide you through the hiring process. Now you can add industry specific questions to Job Models to get a clear idea of what you’re searching for in an applicant. You can select additional questions from the PDP bank or add your own.

This customization offers immeasurable value in minutes. Knowing which behavioral traits are best suited before you hire allows you to select the perfect candidate, every time. Think lower turnover rate, increased employee satisfaction, and improved team efficiency!

Applicants don’t always fit the position they apply for, but that doesn’t mean they can’t add value to the company. If you interview someone and think they would be an incredible asset, consider conducting a Career Pathing report. You can identify positions where they could excel. With this report, the applicant is given a match score for various roles in the company. Now you can place them in a position they’ll benefit the company most. Here’s an example of a Career Pathing report.

Additionally, Side by Side and Team Reportscan quickly change the way a company operates. Each report can be instantly created, and provides unique ongoing benefits to your company.

A Side by Side report compares behavioral traits between two individuals. You can identify strengths and weaknesses that may arise in a partnership between these individuals, i.e., Manager/Employee. Use this information to monitor potential issues as well as build strong relationships that play off each other’s strengths.

Team Reports measure satisfaction, leadership, communication, energy, and the adjusting traits of a team. If something’s draining team energy or morale, refer to the demoralizing factors provided by the Team Report. The PDP Professional certified team membercan offer suggestions to improve communication and workability, and there are some tips included on the reports.

Knowledge is power, particularly knowledge of ourselves and those around us. Understanding how traits work together helps us create effective, high value teams. Properly using these reports provides invaluable information to jump start productivity and growth.

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