Business in 2021


Work/home life challenges for businesses.

Businesses today have had to bend and flex to match the times by shifting some of their employees to work remotely for safety.

The invisible line between work and personal life has been erased. Remote workers are being confronted with the strain of a home life/work life blend that has added pressures to this new type of existence. This unanticipated effect has forced companies to re assess their initiatives around company culture and employee mental health.

This puts an increasing demand on companies to do more than just articulate a mission statement to help motivate and unite their employees. Workers want to see and feel that the companies they work for are an extension of who they are. This is a great shift for companies; a call to become aware of and to embrace these shifts as opportunities to create dedicated employees who want to be more invested in their employers. 

As pointed out on, “The role is evolving, and it’s going to require a different kind of intelligence and greater situational awareness,” said George Barrett, former chairman and chief executive of Cardinal Health. “The job requires managing multiple levers. It used to be that most of these levers were behind the scenes. They were operational… Today, everything is louder, and leaders must be attentive to more engaged stakeholders. That requires a pretty skillful hand.”

To stand out as a company, marketing buzz phrases are not enough. Businesses now need to attract and retain the most skilled talent. To retain these talented people, companies must realize they are looking for more from employers.

Know Your Talents understand the strains of this new development that is coming to the forefront of business culture. The Know your Talents’ team supports companies like yours to make this a smooth transition with proven strategies and tools to help your company navigate the conversations around stresses that impact job performance.

Our Know Your Talents Teams Essentials workshop supports teams in gaining trust and reducing conflict for all managers, employees and new employees. “It’s our goal to leverage and maximize the strengths on the team while paying attention to the “blind Spots” which may be causing distrust,” says KYT Founder and CEO, Lori Coruccini.  “You are guaranteed to have breakthroughs with Leadership and communication and leaning to resolve conflict and improve trust on your teams.”

Contact us today to talk about how we can support you in these challenging times. 

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