Decompressing After the Holidays


Get It All Back In Focus

After the holidays we can go through withdrawal and feel almost depressed or anxious because of the sudden shift. Setting New Year’s resolutions is a great way to avoid the sensations of winter blues. Here are some quick ideas to get you started.

1.     Remove the access… Look at current schedule to see what’s robbing you of your success.
What can you delegate off to create more time for selfcare?

2.     Plan ahead… the night before scheduling the top 3 things that need to be accomplished the next day.

3.     Practice gratitude… it is scientifically proven that we work better with positive reinforcement. Taking the time out to see all our success and things we are grateful for can help us see fulfillment and pull us out of negative thinking.

4.     Get your body moving…Physical exercise or just simple movement can help not only clear our head but keep our spirits in a positive light. This helps us see the opportunities of things vs the resistance of things that aren’t working the way we want.

5.     Make healthy food choices… What we eat can affect our ability to think clear and rob us of the fuel we need to be productive. 

A great way to keep these ideas front and center is to set reminders on phones or connect them to something you look forward to, like part of a nighttime ritual of gratitude.  This will also help you sleep better instead of the ticker tape of nonstop thoughts of things to finish.

Don’t forget the power of support, here at Know Your Talents, we focus on supporting business communities in achieving their best by understanding how behavior impacts the success of the vision of your company.

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