New Year, New Beginning


Most of us Celebrate the New Year as a New Beginning

After 2020, as a collective many of us felt like it was a year out of control and want it over. Most of us are ready for a fresh new start, but before we can, we need to reflect on some new opportunities to grow in which we gained from having such a tumultuous year.

Let’s face it, our behaviors had to change in many ways in reaction to the out-of-control environment we were going through, shutdowns, working remotely, wearing masks and layers upon layers of sanitizers for protection. Unfortunately for some, the adjustment cost them their jobs and for some their companies. During these uncertain times it showed our backup styles of behavior, putting us at risk of confusion and sometimes confrontation.

These were opportunities where we needed to step in, address our structures and company cultures to make these changes to grow and be even better than before. The biggest change seen by most business owners was the need to address company culture to keep teams cohesive and business successful. This may feel like an overwhelming task when seeing some cracks in the structure and are unclear on how to begin. 

The culture is made up of people. 

How we define and grow the culture should depend on the people, the way they behave, shared values, goals, and practices characterize the organization. This general vibe of the company is not just felt throughout the inner structures of the company, but also externally in the products and services to the clients.

This “Culture” is the way people feel about the work they do, the values they believe in.  Where they see the company going and what they are doing to get it there. The process of getting everyone on the same page is a big step to changing the overall success of the company.

Our team at Know Your Talents is trained on how to not only address these challenges but to also help decrease employee turnover, increase employee engagement and productivity which increases the bottom line.

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