Crafting Your Plan for 2021


The Strategic Plan: Where You’re Going and How to Get There

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” 

– Eleanor Roosevelt

The new year is fast approaching and it’s a great time to try a new approach to leadership. Get management on the same page by defining and optimizing a strategic plan so you can move forward! We bring everyone together over two days to envision the goals of the organization, creating a sense of cohesion and togetherness.

Know Your Talents helps businesses succeed by utilizing a unique set of assessments and workshops focused on behavioral understanding. One of our most beneficial tools, the One Page Strategic Plan’s true value is its ability to break down daunting obstacles and vague goals into measurable and achievable parts:

Strength/Weakness and Trends
We’ll work together to identify what your organization does well, and where it can use improvement. You’ll use these to build a foundation for the next sections. We also help you spot trends in your industry so you can prepare, adapt, or overcome whatever’s headed your way.

Mission and Values
Next we’ll work out what really matters to your company. These should establish how your business operates, and expectations for employees. When everyone is working toward the same goal, you can deliver real, measurable results!

Targets and Goals
Now that we’ve got a foundation to build from, we can define reasonable, trackable goals for the near and long term. This roadmap solidifies purpose and streamlines production throughout the organization. Employees with clear expectations are more confident and diligent in progressing towards these goals.

Actions, Rewards, and Responsibility
Finally we’ll help you identify action items to achieve your goals, determine who will be responsible, and brainstorm rewards. Actions will be trackable through KPIs (key performance indicators) and quarterly priorities so you can easily measure your success. And when you do succeed, you’ll be ready to celebrate those who made a difference!

The strategic plan is one of the most valuable tools offered at Know Your Talents. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need direction for your company, give us a call today! Together we can get you on the road to growth and profitability!

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