Attracting Top Talent with Culture


Is Your Culture Working For You?

Recently, a friend of ours was offered two positions. One had a larger paycheck, while the other had a culture that really resonated. Guess which offer she took?

Without batting an eye, she accepted the lower paying job because the company just felt right. And she’s not alone!

According to a recent study by Glassdoor, 56% of employees ranked company culture over salary throughout the US, UK, France, and Germany. In America, 65% of millennials said a company’s culture was more important than salary, and 52% of those over the age of 45 agreed.

The numbers speak for themselves: a company looking to survive and thrive needs to take culture seriously. If you don’t craft and maintain a positive culture for your company, a toxic one will grow in its place – driving away talented people.

We want to help. Know Your Talents helps organizations of all sizes craft and maintain a culture that boosts employee morale, while increasing productivity and revenue. We do this by identifying and leveraging the behavioral traits of your workforce. Once you know the strengths and motivations of your employees, you can streamline communication, create productive and reliable teams, hire the perfect candidates, increase retention, decrease turnover, and so much more!

Take the first step to revolutionizing your organization today. To help get you going, we’re offering two PDP Certifications for the price of one! With a PDP certification, you’ll be able to drive positive change from within your organization.

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