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Know Your Talents Behavioral Assessments

For the last 25 years, we’ve researched and analyzed dozens of behavioral assessment systems including Myers Briggs, Caliper, and others. We’ve yet to find anything as reliable and actionable as PDP.

PDP surveys deliver the greatest accuracy, depth, and scope of any tool on the market today. It’s also grounded in research based on statistical analysis, built to provide real, measurable results. PDP uses a dynamic suite of tools to address complex challenges within a business.

ProScan is our free introductory assessment. This 5 minute survey focuses on strengths and motivators, helping to build a roadmap of personality and goals. 

JobScan reveals the perfect employee for any position. This survey matches job candidates to roles based on behavioral traits. JobScan ensures you hire the right person, for the right job, every time.

TeamScan identifies opportunities to strengthen teams. Compare personality traits to avoid conflict and pitfalls, and examine ways to work and communicate more effectively as a group. 

Together these survey tools offer a deep look into the people and teams that power your business. Leverage the strengths and talents within your organization and drive positive change from within! Try it today with our free ProsScan!

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