The Artificial Intelligence Engine


How AI Drives Behavioral Analysis

From movies and books to video games, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been imagined as a powerhouse of processing, exceeding human limits of understanding and ability. But in the real world, AI is far from reaching these sci-fi levels of capability and intelligence. Instead it’s being utilized to automate repetitive tasks, recognize patterns, and make predictions based on data.

Those may not sound exciting, but they’re the reason AI is quickly becoming the engine that drives massive corporations and small businesses alike. And with its own cyclical model of improvement, it’s no wonder. As an AI gathers more data, it’s algorithms improve. Better algorithms translate to better services, and better services translate to more usage (data) – starting the cycle anew!

Here at Know Your Talents, AI is at the heart of our services. We use pattern recognition to accurately identify someone’s behavior and the environment where they’ll be most productive. From this data we can predict how successful a job applicant will be, identify motivators and blind spots, foresee potential conflict and pitfalls in the workplace before they happen, and much more!

Arguably the most important part, the team at KYT present this data in the form of actionable items to leaders within an organization. With a set of clear, data backed goals, managers are able to make sweeping positive change, impacting every level of the company. Employees are happier and work harder, communication streamlined, turnover reduced, and profits multiplied!

Ready to see what AI and behavioral understanding can do for your organization? We make it easy to implement change for real results!

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