Communication is Key!


Learn to Clearly Communicate With Your Team!

Miscommunication can cause significant disruptions in organizations of all sizes. Delayed product launches, interoffice tension and costly mistakes can occur. The best way to avoid these pitfalls is to practice clear communication with your team members.

One of our amazing clients recently took this advice to heart. Know Your Talents has engaged in an 18 month roll out with ATI Restoration to help establish a new culture nationwide. Each ATI office has an Ambassador, tasked with maintaining the momentum behind this roll out.

To establish the importance of communication, the ATI Houston branch recently hosted a group activity centered around clear instruction and communication.

Each group selected one individual to be blindfolded and tasked with carrying an egg on a spoon through a maze. The team supported them by giving them clear, easy to understand direction. The result was an improvement in communication between teams and a fun time!

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