Conflicts and Behavior


Negative conflict drains energy, which is costly to companies, teams and relationships. When conflict is approached in a positive way, conflict can spark innovation, trust and engagement. Workplace conflict CAN be healthy.

A conflict is more than just a disagreement. Conflicts are much more significant, and, when ignored, they will continue to fester until they get out of hand. Our perceptions of the situation determines how we respond. It is important to remember that perceptions of the conflicts can vary as much as the personalities of those involved. Conflicts trigger strong emotions which can ruin a situation or can be an opportunity for growth. It’s important to keep your emotions under control before they make the situation worse.

Conflicts are inevitable. What truly matters is how we handle them. There are responses that are healthy and help build character and relationships, and there are unhealthy responses that can tear relationships apart. A healthy response would be to empathize with the other person’s viewpoint, instead of ignoring what matters to them and focusing on themselves. Likewise, responding in a conflict with a calm and non-defensive demeanor will yield better results then being explosive and angry. Facing the conflict in your life with a determination to find a fair solution before moving on is the best way to overcome this common obstacle.

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