Improving Employee Engagement in the Workplace


Engagement Boosts Production and Morale for a Happier Workforce

Employee engagement is a building block for company growth. Engaged employees are passionate and committed to their projects and team, resulting in superior performance. Increasing engagement requires significant effort but yields continual benefits for your organization. It can seem daunting with varying team behaviors, big goals, and looming deadlines.

A recent post by Inside 6Qshares a few proven methods to increase employee engagement:

  • Encourage Flexibility
  • Volunteer as a Team
  • Always be Authentic
  • Promote Taking Breaks
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Hold Regular Social Gatherings
  • Clarify Goals
  • Provide a Nice Environment
  • Create a People-Focused Culture
  • Mentor Your Employees
  • Encourage Collaboration
  • Show Gratitude Regularly
  • Build Authentic Relationships
  • Promote Honesty

Tips like these are instrumental to improving employee engagement, but leave out a key factor: behavioral awareness. At Know Your Talents, we strive to show business how to teach, encourage, and leverage behavioral awareness for results that outperform.

Understanding the core differences in team behavior offers a level of engagement that generally goes untapped. Employees utilizing their behavior in roles that don’t compliment their basic traits are more focused, encouraged, and provide superior results compared to their counterparts.

Interested in seeing how behavioral awareness can transform your workplace? Talk with one of rockstar team members to get started!

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