Picking Up Cues that Your Colleagues Need Some Encouragement


Noticing the Signs

Working as a team can produce incredible results, deep friendships, and a wonderful workplace culture. Alongside the benefits, being a team member includes a plethora of responsibilities like involvement, respectfulness, and communication. One typically overlooked duty of teammates is to provide encouragement to their team.

When one team member becomes discouraged, it can cause a ripple effect across the entire group. It’s best to nip this in the bud as quickly as possible.

The Appreciation At Work website recently released an article on this subject that we’d like to share. View the full article here.

All the points in this article are valid, but one in particular stood out to us;

“But many people are harder to read—they don’t say much and have rather non-expressive facial expressions. Additionally, some of us are not especially talented at picking up clues sent out by others. Our colleagues may be clearly communicating their distress, but we are missing the signals.”

Exactly! How often does this happen in groups with little to no behavioral training? Way too much for comfort.

Thankfully, we’re able to dig down deeper with our behavioral analysis skills to recognize that the signals being missed are largely due to a possible difference in communication styles or behavioral traits.

Understanding these differences brings us a step closer to maximizing the potential of our group and keeping everyone encouraged.

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