In sales, what is the difference between being “pushy” and being “persistent”?


As a seasoned sales professional for 30 years, a sales trainer and publisher of Know Your Talents™ – Sales Process for Champions, I have coached and managed sales representatives to be persistent and determined in their sales efforts. In our sales coaching, it is a constant reminder of ‘Where are your manners?’ Ask for permission up front to ‘infringe’ on those with whom you know you will be continually making the rounds and making ‘friends’! I suggest that you ask up front, ‘Do you mind if over the next few months while we are learning about one another, that I call you or stop by to share one of our newest products or services that I know can bring you value, or if I email you perhaps something of interest? I promise not to waste your time!” Set the expectation upfront with your prospect. It is very rare that they will turn you down, even if they have existing relationships with other providers. If you commit that you will only bring something of value and not waste their time they will be glad to take your call. It doesn’t matter what industry, it’s basic sales.

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