Behavior Opens Doors in Communication!


This week, I facilitated a PDP Client Administrator Certification in Seattle, what a blast! It is always great to connect with clients face to face, and immerse in behavior for two days. In working with Know Your Talents™ as the Client Services Champion, everyday I get to help companies and individuals maximize themselves and their employees, everyday I get see firsthand the breakthroughs that happen when people are working with their talents, rather than against them!

Yet still, each breakthrough is amazing, it is always fresh and exciting. All throughout the certification, we discuss how our behavior motivates us and others, impacts our communication, our work style, our leadership style and so much more. Throughout the certification, people begin to have those ‘ah-‘ha’ moments, when they see how their behavior is impacting their current role, and how it can further impact their team and their organization. Participants also begin to see how they can better maximize the strengths and abilities of their team, more efficiently work together.

In reflecting on the certification, one of the most fascinating things to me when talking about behavior is the ability to be direct and make an immediate impact on someone. Though certification, we empower a company to integrate behavior internally, and experience these breakthroughs everyday!

With behavior, it isn’t good or bad, it just IS. So, in focusing on behavior, every person you talk to, you get right into their core, their strengths and their current adaptations. Behavior allows you to discuss their internal conflicts, their stressors, their pain in working against their behavior, or their success and satisfaction in maximizing who they are every day. No defensiveness, no walls to break down, just immediate open communication. How powerful is that?!?!?

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