Join Us – Change Your World Webinar!


Join Lori Coruccini, Predix’s CEO, this Wednesday, June 27th at 12:00pm CDT

as she shares how to

  • Understand that the RIGHT people are your most important asset.
  • Understand how behavior drives peoples’ roles and responsibilities.
  • Realize that understanding what motivates employees and helping to fulfill their dreams will align with increased productivity, communication, conflict resolution and so much more!

Description of Webinar:

Behavior will change the way you run your business – guaranteed. Predix has been helping restoration companies the past 3 years to become more profitable by hiring the right people, aligning the right teams, opening up communication with partners, delivering process that helps to integrate behavior and so much more. It all begins with understanding what makes your people TICK – including identifying their talents, interests, communication style and key action items. The presentation will be geared towards how to take your company to the next level when it comes to your people and leveraging behavior. Many case studies will be shared.

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