Leveraging behavior into your organization


As I sat through two days of excellent content, presentation, technology and expertise at the PDP summit in Colorado Springs, Co it became very clear to me how important, once again, it is to leverage behavior in the right job and environment. One of the things I want to share with other owners in the fire and flood restoration industry is that now more than every its important to recognize the talents of the individuals you hire in, mentor, manage, develop and work with every day.

One good example is how leaders handle delegation. Those that are drivers are going to leave the details to someone else while they focus on the big picture. Trust will play a factor too. Those that are high extroversion/high patience like to collaborate and bring everyone into the decision making. My good friends that are restoration industry owners and leaders – pay attention to this when working with your teams. At the same time, it’s important for everyone to understand the importance of behavior in any type of relationship. Friend, mate, co-worker, friend of a friend always respect other individuals opinions and ideas which will go a very long way. Like a friend once told me “the best talker is a good listener”.

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