Meet the Know Your Talents Leadership Team!


Our incredible team has worked with our amazing clients to make every success possible!

Know Your Talents is revolutionizing the way everyday business is conducted for companies across America. We love to see the improvements behavioral awareness makes in productivity, engagement, and revenue!

Our amazing team is the drive behind our every success! In case you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them, here’s a brief introduction.

Lori Coruccini

Lori is our CEO, Founder and Passionate Leader. She believes one of the greatest gifts in life is to leverage your own behavior and embracing the tremendous passions that exist within. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses improves your performance, relationships, communications, and most importantly, allows you to utilize your talents for lifelong success. Lori has over 25 years of global experience driving strategic sales and facilitating double digit growth for enterprise companies.

Sarah Blik
Sarah is our Chief Game Changer! She’s a results oriented, accomplished sales and business development executive. Sarah has an impressive 25 years of customer service, sales, and leadership experience delivering positive results. She specializes in creating strategic value propositions and solutions based on client challenges. Using her passion for helping others understand and improve themselves, she’s successfully built and managed top-performing sales teams at all levels.

Lara Skutt
Lara is truly a visionary Change Agent and Human Resources Champion! Our Chief Flourishing Officer, she has a constructive spirit and highly intuitive leadership skills. Lara is grounded in self-awareness, possessing the ability to create radically successful teams and processes across all functions and demographics. For over 25 years, she has a proven track record of unleashing human potential with the ability to formulate a clear image of an organization’s future aspirations.

Melanie Benitez
Melanie is our Client Success Manager and Cultural Coach. She provides the most AMAZING customer experience to each and every person she comes in contact with. From initial onboarding and implementation of KYT’s offerings to follow up support, Melanie’s value of teaching and educating is lifelong learning for our clients and she is ready and willing to help!

At Know Your Talents, we improve company profits by aligning behavior and directing change. We help forward thinking leaders drive strategic initiatives throughout their organization, with guaranteed faster results. Our cost effective behavioral assessment is the fastest, most accurate system available, and is the bedrock for leveraging behavior for success.

Ready to promote growth and productivity in your organization? We’d love to help, contact us today!

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