Time Management Hacks


Popular time management hack for productivity…

Time Management Hacks

A popular time management hack for productivity and organization starts the day before. The concept is to begin the Monday before brainstorming ideas for 5 to 10 min. On what is needed to be accomplished so that you can hit the ground running.

One lousy-time stealer we all relate to can be procrastination. Procrastination may not look the same to everyone, but it fundamentally puts off big tasks and projects by avoiding starting or not allowing them to move forward.

How do our behaviors impact time management and productivity?

 At KYT, we recognize the power of understanding behavior to support you and your teams. In maximizing strengths and becoming aware of backup styles that might derail success, we coach you to implement skills that help you overcome weak productivity.

Once you discover your patterns, you can take back control and change the tone for success.

If you lead with Dominance, you might be slow to start yet impatient with implementation once conceptualized. You may even move on to another task before completion. 

With high Extroversion, you may be distracted with new ideas, or struggle with the details, except for when needed to give a presentation. 

 With a significantly high Pace/Patience trait, you may get overwhelmed by taking on others’ responsibilities or get stuck with over-processing.

 If you lead with Conformity, you may get “caught in the weeds” because you often feel you don’t have enough information to begin the project.

Any of this sound familiar?

Knowing what behavior you lead with can help you become more productive and maybe even help you avoid procrastination. 

Reach out today for a chance to do a ProScan and discover how to strengthen your time management skills by understanding and using your behavior.

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