Unique Trait Pairs and Blindspots


Our traits make up a significant part of our behavior. We all have multiple traits of various intensity that make up our personality.

The way these traits interact with each other lay the basis of who we are. The combination of these traits are referred to as Unique Trait pairs (according to the PDP System), and have more impact then we think. In this article, we will discuss the pairing of the following traits; our Control trait-Dominance, our People trait-Extroversion, our Processing trait-Patience and our Rules trait-Conformity, and the way they affect us and our personality.

Traits themselves are important, but when paired with others they can have a completely different impact. Each Trait Pair has its advantages, but they also have their blind spots. It’s vital to look at your trait pairs and analyze the strengths and weaknesses that come with each one. With a firm understanding of these trait pairs, you can begin to form an environment that compliments them.

Let’s take a look at a few of the 13 trait pairs:

Direct Teller/ Dominance and Extroversion:

This unique trait is ready to go. Direct Tellers prefer a teller style of speaking, they are very authoritative and creative in their analytical ways of problem solving. They don’t bother with the fluff and prefer to stick to the point so they can move on. While this works for Direct Tellers, it can come off as blunt, impolite, or uncaring. If this is a Unique Trait you recognize in yourself, try being more gentle in your approach when asking others for things.

Accurate-Conscientious/ High Conformity and Patience:

They have an emphasis for quality, loyalty and precision. They need time to check for accuracy in every instance.This Unique trait craves information, which can be their downfall. It can lead them to miss deadlines and get stuck in information overload. It’s difficult to know when something is good enough, and when it’s time to move on to the next task. If this sounds familiar, try to focus on the basics of a task without overthinking it.

Dependable Productive/ High Patience and High Conformity:

This unique trait is extremely loyal and cooperative. When they commit to a task, you know it’s going to be completed. At times, the only question is when. Dependable Productive might have trouble with prioritizing tasks and moving on from projects. When dealing with this Unique trait it is important to set clear expectations on a task before beginning it.

Hard Charging/ High Dominance and Low Patience:

The Hard Charging unique trait is very competitive and ambitious. They want fast results and sell ideas very persuasively. They know what they want and will stop at nothing to get it.They can often push to hard, which comes off as intimidating to others. Working with them can be very stressful at times as the pressure builds. If you recognize this trait in yourself or someone you know, remember to slow down, set clear objectives, and focus on a team effort.

There are 9 additional trait pairs which also play a role in our behaviors. We will touch on these other trait pairs in a future article.

There are some situations in which our unique pairs can be extremely beneficial. However, there are also instances where the downsides can derail us. By understanding our unique pairs and the impact they have on us, we can determine what situations would be improved by our unique pairs, and which situations would be better without.

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