What is your mobile strategy?

Just yesterday, I had the privilege of going through a LearnCast ® certification, what an eye opening experience! When we merged with LearnCas t® and LearnKey ® in 2011, I was excited to learn more about both companies, their services, and how we could best integrate. But, I really had no idea how relevant and exciting this new technology would be, for us here at Predix, and for our clients!

Do you have 1 minute? Do you want to experience LearnCast ® first hand? Scan this QR Code with your smart phone or tablet (we recommend HP CodeScan) or click on the QR Code. Take a look at this course, What is Predix? , that I built!

In our certification, my eyes were opened to the incredible growth in the mobile technology world. We are living in a world filled with virtual employees, on the go sales teams, and traveling service reps. Companies are marketing, selling and servicing mobile customers. We live in a world where we all want information, updates and communication that fits our fast paced, on the go lifestyles.

Companies need consistent messaging that reaches employees and customers, wherever they are. They want instant feedback and results on communication, so they can be constantly fine tuning their strategies and resources to have the most impact and stay cutting edge. LearnCast ® provides incredible, customized solutions for companies and mobile strategies of all shapes and sizes. What’s your mobile strategy??

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