Complex and Gifted: The Workforce of the Future


Learning to navigating a diverse workforce.

We are experiencing the most amazingly complex and diverse generational workforce ever. At no other time in history have there been this many generations in the workplace at one time. It makes things complex, a little crazy and very exciting for employers. Knowing what motivates individuals as well as the general motivators for each generation is key to attracting and retaining valuable employees.

Take a look at the generational trends below:

  • Traditionalist (1927 -1945) – Hardworking, loyal, in person interaction and formal written communication
  • Baby Boomers (1946 – 1962) – Loyal, ambitious workaholic tendencies, value working in the office, formal written communication and one-on-one meetings
  • Generation X (1963- 1980) – Value family time, work-life balance, hardworking, flexible schedule, and relaxed work environment
  • Generation Y (1981 – 1995) – Smart, creative and tech-savvy, seek challenge, goal focused, desire meaningful careers and enjoy working from home
  • Generation Z (1996 – 2015) – Creative, value flexibility and freedom, seeking a foundation in their careers and financial stability

As a leadership and behavior management company, Know Your Talents sees this diversity in the workforce as an additional layer of motivation to navigate. We take the time to understand not only the generational differences but also the unique Behavior Traits that build the workforce and the company’s culture and impact what motivates individuals.

Looking at the demographic of when people were born, we find revealing tendencies and general trends, but there are always those that are outside the generational behaviors. When considering your workforce, it’s important to let them know they matter, and that their efforts contribute to the growth of the company.

That begins with understanding how their behavior AND their generation impacts their motivation and performance. Meet people’s motivators and you’ve got a dedicated star for the long run.

To see for yourself how well our Know Your Talents behavior survey identifies YOUR motivators, take the 5 minute survey today!

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