Crafting a Strategic Plan


Identify Goals for Optimal Results

The road to success isn’t always straightforward. Fast growing companies face continual curves, unexpected junctions, and even detours! What if there was a map to help you navigate the ever changing complexities of fast paced business?

Know Your Talents has the solution. Our “Strategic Plan Workshop” gives organizations the flexibility and communication tools to grow quickly and smoothly. We start by reviewing your company goals and employee behavior, then work with you to create a customized, strategic quarterly plan. Avoid the pitfalls of rigid structures and outdated communication styles. With a map in your hands, your organization can take a direct route to success!

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What Makes Employees Stick?

Starting new things can be scary for some of us and exhilarating for others. Things like new years, new jobs, new relationships, new roles. Rarely do we know for certain where the journey will take us, but when we tap into our natural behavior and what motivates us, we are energized to forge ahead, driven…
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Digital Literacy and Natural Behavior

There’s no arguing that in today’s work world technology and digital literacy are ever-increasing requirements. With the pandemic and the explosive growth of remote and hybrid workplaces, the need to implement new technologies and to be digitally savvy accelerated exponentially. Technology is no longer a “nice to have” it’s a “must have” skill. No big…
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PDP Proscan Priority Environments Graph

Prioritize Energy Drain and Satisfaction Level

It’s all about Priorities! Priority Environments that is… So what is the Priority Environment? It’s a measure of something occurring in a person’s environment over the past 6-8 weeks that caused them to feel the need to adapt their behavior. Beside the shifts in behavior, such as pushing Dominance up or lowering Extroversion, the Priority…
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