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Ever heard the phrase “rise to your level of incompetence?” It’s one of the most common mistakes upper management makes, but is easily avoided. Let’s say your organization promotes an employee into a leadership position who’s been great at their job . It sounds like a win-win. The employee is rewarded for their hard work, and you have a new leader who’s well respected by their peers and knows the specifics needed for the job. But after a while, it becomes clear this new leader isn’t thriving like they used to, and the team is struggling. What went wrong?

The answer is simple. While the employee had all the technical qualifications for the role, they lacked  arguably the most important skill set required: dealing with people. Without knowing how to communicate to a team, inspire motivation, resolve conflict, and more, the new leader is doomed to failure. The ability to organize and manage employees is often overlooked and undervalued, yet it plays the most important role in the success of an organization.

That doesn’t mean you have to hire externally, or stop rockstar employees from rising within your organization. It just means giving people the tools they need to succeed. The Know Your Talent’s “Mentor Certification” course is a simple solution. We teach leaders to identify and leverage the behavioral traits of employees to create teams and environments that promote success! Learn more about our Mentor Certification:

Give your leaders the tools they need to build versatile, cohesive teams! Schedule your Mentor Certification today!

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