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As companies change with the times, leaders are turning to proven solutions for success. It’s been incredible to watch the growing interest in behavioral awareness this summer. We’re thrilled to see so many organizations implement the transformative powers of PDP certification, and to be the ones introducing them to this wonderful journey!

Certified individuals gain the skills to administer assessments, interpret results, and drive positive change from within their organization on an individual and team level. We’re passionate about helping businesses achieve greatness through behavioral awareness. The results are real:

“Not only has the KYT team provided us with an exceptional resource with the PDP program, but the team at KYT has been invaluable to the growth of our leaders and team members at Pioneer and Yavapai Title. Whether it be through content, webinars, virtual and/or in-person coaching and mentoring, our team members have received the highest quality of support, with a real human connection. We cannot thank the KYT team enough for their consistent aid, encouragement and friendship, in strengthening the foundations of our cultures for both companies.” 

– Carolyn Savage, Team Relations Coordinator, Pioneer Title Agency

We want to keep helping companies thrive, so we’re offering online PDP Certifications for half off through August! Order yours through the end of the month for $1,500, a $3,000 value!

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