Dealing with Stress


Tips for Handling Stressful Situations

We live in a stressful world. The spread of a global pandemic and the looming economic fallout are not helping. In fact, anti-anxiety medication prescriptions spiked 37.7% in just February and March. Many of us feel we’re stretched too thin, trying to juggle child care, home school, and working from home in the midst of a pandemic. It’s understandable to feel like you’re drowning. We’ve talked about anxiety in the workplace before, but what do you do when life in general is stressing you out? 

There’s a wealth of information to help you get a handle on such feelings. Sometimes all it takes is a deep breath, and the remembrance that this too will pass. Other tips include adjusting your diet. Below are a few ideas on ways to reduce and prevent stress: 

  1. Align your behavior with your daily life.
  2. Get lots of sleep.
  3. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and drugs like nicotine. 
  4. Get exercise.
  5. Try yoga or meditation.
  6. Talk to someone.
  7. Keep a journal. 
  8. Be proactive.
  9. Prioritize your time.
  10. Schedule time for yourself.
  11. Eat healthy.
  12. Get support from professionals or loved ones. 
  13. Avoid additional responsibilities that add excess stress. 
  14. Focus on what you can control.

The first in the list, aligning your behavior with your daily activities, is a team favorite! When we actively work against our behavior we put our minds in a state of continual stress and hardship – like a fish out of water! On the contrary, when our behavior is aligned we feel like we’re on fire, ready to tackle whatever comes our way! 

The first step to success is learning about your own behavior, and how to leverage it for success. We’d love to help! In just 5 minutes you can gain a better understanding of your behavioral traits with our free Proscan. Try it today!

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