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COVID-19 in the Valley of the Sun

Coronavirus has put many of our neighbors and friends in a tough place. We know finding reliable, up-to-date resources can make a real difference for those struggling during these difficult times. Below we’ve listed a few resources in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas covering the latest information on COVID-19, as well as resources from local government and health agencies. 

City of Scottsdale

The City of Scottsdale has created a portal with updated information for those offering and needing help during the pandemic. The last few weeks have radically changed our community and day-to-day activities. One thing it hasn’t changed is the incredible dedication we have for our community. All across the valley, we’re seeing individuals step up and help in any way they can. Check out the City of Scottsdale’s portal for  nonprofits and organizations assisting if you want to help or need assistance.

Arizona Department of Health Services

The Arizona Department of Health Services has been working with the state government to coordinate emergency response to the outbreak. They’ve been monitoring the spread and potential treatment of the disease and are a trusted source of updated information regarding the outbreak. 


Patch is an independent news platform providing updated news for the Phoenix area. Readers can contribute content to the site, creating a well rounded website for accurate knowledge. Their Coronavirus page is regularly updated with information about bus schedules, government press releases, assistance opportunities, and more. 

These are uncertain times, and fear and concern for the future is a natural response. But we also have the opportunity to come together and strengthen our community. If you or anyone you know is struggling, please check out these resources. We’re all in this together

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