Join Us in Welcoming Our Newest PDP Administrator


Bryan Agee, President of South River Restoration is our newest PDP Cerified Administrator. Bryan along with HR Director, Louise Slattery attended our two day PDP Certification workshop held in Upper Marlboro, Maryland in April.

Below is a quote from Brian on his experience with Know Your Talents:

“Know Your Talents is a game changer! We’ve been experience alot of turnover. Moving forward, we are confident that the ProScan assessment will guide us in the hiring process to ensure we have the right people on our team, ultimately reducing turnover. Additionally, the assessments we’ve done on our staff have provided better insight into our individual styles and have taught us how to work together more effectively resulting in improved communication. I highly recommend partnering with Know Your Talents to grow your business, improve your talent and connect more effectively with peers and clients alike.”

Welcome Bryan and Louise, happy to have you as part of the KYT Team!

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