Know Your Talents Offers Weekly “Tutor Tuesdays”


At the beginning of the year, KYT began offering weekly ongoing training opportunities. Each Tuesday every PDP Administrator is invited to attend these informative and educational sessions to continue their learning of behavior. Topics vary from month to month based on the requests of our administrators. Upcoming topics for May include:

May 3rd – Toxic Employees – Understand How to Manage, Behaviorally!

May 10th – Understanding eCampus Learning and PowerApps

May 17th – MAXIMIZING the Motivation Review

May 24th – Effective Advertising and Interviewing Techniques

May 31st – PDP Administrator Best Practices – Listen to other PDP Administrators share their best practices utilizing PDP Works & behavior

If you are a certified administrator, please expect to see our weekly invite to these sessions. If you don’t receive, please contact Melanie Benitez directly at 480-348-8900.

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