Know Your Talents and LearnCast at the Insights Conference


Last week, Sarah and I exhibited at the DKI Insights Conference in Austin, TX, we had a great time! We gave our booth a ‘face lift’, check out the new banners. It was so fun to integrate Know Your Talents™ into the innovative technology of LearnCast®. Our banners now have QR codes for two awesome LearnCast® courses – one including a free demo ProScan survey, one showing a course created on how to manage and motivate an individual employee, a quick reference tool for managers on the go.

People had a blast pulling up the courses, we received great feedback on the new look and the new offerings of Better Learning Systems. With our new QR code to the demo survey, participants could pull up the survey on their personal iPads and tablets, no need to wait in line to take the survey! Then, the reports were instantaneously emailed to them. We were able to service so many more people, and so much quicker.

As always, it was great to reconnect with so many clients! And this time, with our new offerings through Better Learning Systems , we were able to take our support to the next level, I look forward to integrating LearnCast® and LearnKey® further!!

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