Leading the Future: Behavioral Awareness to Optimize Management


People don’t fit into a cookie cutter pattern, so why manage like they do?

Every employee comes with different strengths and weaknesses. Ignoring these unique traits can have catastrophic consequences. Would you hire an artist to do maintenance plumbing on your building? Of course not, so why hire someone with no patience for a job that calls for high patience and the need for stay in a routine?

The short answer is simple: you wouldn’t. Not if you knew the best way to optimize your business, improve your turnover rate, and increase employee engagement.

Understanding and leveraging behavior allows you to meet and exceed these goals, transforming the way you do business.

The first key to success is hiring the right person for the job. Find someone who will thrive in the role and you’ll see significantly better results.

Does the job description include engaging with clients and making deals? Look for someone high in extroversion and dominance. They’ll have the personality to create lasting relationships with clients while being able to get things done.

Maybe the job requires great attention to detail. This would be best suited for someone with lots of conformity and a need to have things in order. They’d be willing to put in the effort required and will accept nothing short of perfection.

With the right people in the right positions, behavioral awareness continually improves your organization through ongoing management. Is an employee having difficulty with a task? Take a look at their behavior, there may be a better job description or position where they can excel. If neither of these are an option, consider partnering them with a coworker with complementary behavioral traits.

Next, knowing the back-up and communication styles of your employees can help you mediate disputes and create rock solid teams. Imagine a workplace where employees use their strengths to support each other and their projects.

These are just a few of the benefits to understanding and leveraging behavior. There’s a whole world of behavior just waiting to be utilized for success.

Ready to take maximize results with behavioral awareness? Let us help!

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