Welcome Adrianna Scales!


Say Hello to our Newest Team Member!

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of Adrianna Scales to the Know Your Talents family. Adrianna is coming on board as the ProScan to Placement Coordinator. She’ll help clients understand and use their ProScans to craft and reach their career goals. She has a passion for assisting others, and recognizes the more we help each other, the more we can accomplish together! This is one of the many reasons she’s a wonderful addition to the team!

Adrianna earned two bachelor’s degrees in Communication and Philosophy from the Arizona State University in 2020. She believes everyone should love and thrive in their job and is excited to help organizations reach their full potential through efficient communication and team work. Adrianna was drawn to our friendly and passionate team who share her love of helping others reach their maximum potential. We know this will make her a great fit at KYT!

Welcome to the Team Adrianna!

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