What each behavior type is grateful for?


It’s important to recognize the people around you…

Each of the four “buckets” of behavior (Dominance, Extroversion, Pace/Patience and Conformity) has its own special sweet spot or thing they are most grateful for–the thing that motivates and inspires the person with that as their highest trait, or “driver” as we like to call it.

Whether you are the business leader, mid-level manager or co-worker, it’s important to recognize and provide that “motivator” for the people around you, especially if you want them to perform well and enjoy their job.

 Just in time for the holiday season, here is a list of what each Bucket is most grateful for, behaviorally speaking of course…

High Dominance—Most grateful for Results
People with Dominance as their highest trait are very results oriented, always driving toward the next objective. They like it when others come to them with clear concise solutions or ideas to get things done. Approach a “High D” this way and you’ll win every time!

High Extroversion—Most grateful for Recognition

Folks with Extroversion as their highest trait really like to be recognized for doing a good job and “showing up” well. They never want to be invisible or feel left out. Include them and reward them with praise, and your high Es will shine bright for you.

High Pace/Patience—Most grateful for Reasonable timelines
Our friends with Pace/Patience as their highest trait are often the kindest, most helpful people in the world. They just want to make sure everyone is taken care of and they plan accordingly. So be sure you communicate your expectations clearly and give them as much warning as possible. That way they can plan and manage and process and perform to your expectations.

High Conformity—Most grateful for Respect
Getting things right is something that people with Conformity as their highest trait truly value. And they will go to great lengths to make sure they do get everything right, correct, perhaps even perfect. With that in mind, they highly value respect—both being respected and being respectful. So even if you must differ in opinion from them or challenge their process/perspective, please do it respectfully. If you remember to show a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T they will come through every time with all the details and resources you need, and they’ll bring a whole lot of respect for you with them.

See how easy it is to surround yourself with gratitude and grateful workmates?

All you need is to understand what makes them thankful and bring some of it to work! The first step…knowing what their driving behaviors are. That’s where Know Your Talents can help.  Let’s us share our amazing behavior survey, the ProScan, with you and your leadership today. You’ll be so grateful you did…

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