Shopping Styles Based on Behavior Traits


What is your shopping behavior?

At Know Your Talents we take behavioral awareness very seriously, because we have seen how implementing it in a company can revolutionize the entire culture and enhance performance across the board. However, we also like to have some fun with it. And since the holiday craziness is upon us, we think this is a great time to play with behavior…

Our remarkable behavior survey called the ProScan measures 4 “buckets” of behavior—Dominance (the need to control, or not), Extroversion (the need to be around people or not), Pace/Patience (having patience or not) and Conformity (the need for rules and structure or not).

Each of these four traits has its own unique driver. This definitely shows up in the shopping arena, probably at the holidays more than ever. Read on to find clues about which best suits you…

Dominance: The need for Results and the need to Control—you’re the shopper who doesn’t mess around. Shopping is serious business with a goal to be achieved. You are on a mission and you are specific about where you will shop and what order you’ll go in. There is no such thing as a “social shopping experience.” You are out to conquer and get the job done. If you come home empty handed, the trip was not a success. If you managed to get half your list, you won’t stop to celebrate because you are already looking toward the next opportunity to get it done. Caveat: if you can’t take time to stop and smell the shopping roses, at least be careful not to steamroll over fellow shoppers. You may be more satisfied with an online experience.

Extroversion: For you high “Es” holiday shopping is a season you look forward to all year long. The chance to be in crowded places with all sorts of merriment and cheer and new people to talk to is more than half the fun. You get a charge out of the abundance of color and lights and the fun atmosphere. You are so people oriented that you may want every shopping decision to be a group effort and enjoy involving friends and loved ones in the experience. You may also be tempted to purchase multiple gifts for people, in part because it can be so hard to decide which one is best. Because you always want to make a good showing and to make things look pretty, you will be busy wrapping and presenting. Caveat: enjoy the shopping season and limit yourself to only half of what you want to buy so you can spend the rest on pretty wrapping paper and shiny bows.

Check back in Thursday to learn how Pace/Patience and Conformity handle the holiday shopping experience

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